I-129 Export Certification

Changes made by the US Customs and Immigration Service to the I-129 Foreign National Employee Petition on 11/23/10 require UVA to determine if an export license is required to share technical data with the beneficiary (foreign national employee). In order to facilitate the necessary review, the Office of Export Controls (OEC) has developed the following form:

Complete and submit the form.  It will automatically be submitted to OEC (export-controls@virginia.edu).  If approved, you will receive an email from our office.  Additionally, if we require additional information, our office will contact you by email providing a link to the form to updated. 

The form is intended to provide the OEC with information necessary to start the export assessment processes. It is anticipated that an export license will not be required in most cases and that need for export licenses will typically be associated with sponsored research. Should additional information be needed to complete the assessment, the OEC will work directly with the Sponsor/Supervisor identified on the form. Once OEC has completed the export assessment an advisory letter will be provided to the Supervisor, copied to the administrative contract who submitted the form, for inclusion in the visa application packet to be submitted to Human Resources. Most reviews are completed in two business days.