The Office of Export Controls provides general awareness information about export control compliance through a variety of mechanisms, including this website. Other outreach activities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • an email to all new employees and rehires during their first month of employment;
  • procurement specific information as part of the required annual P-card training provided by Procurement Services;
  • updates at the Research Administrator Forums organized by the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP);
  • content embedded in various training courses and programs offered by the Finance Outreach and Compliance group;
  • guest lectures in university courses, departmental meetings, and other venues;
  • targeted outreach to faculty, staff and students in areas where they are likely to encounter controlled items and information;
  • pamphlets for distribution at university events; and
  • briefings to University executive management.

The Export Compliance course is provided by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).  The modules recommended to specific user groups are as follows:

  • Faculty - modules 1,2,3,10 (modules 7 and 11 also strongly encouraged)
  • Research Administrators - modules 1,4,10 and 11 (for central research/grant administrators and contract negotiators); modules 1,6,10,11 (for departmental research administrators)
  • Procurement staff - modules 1,6,7,8,11
  • Human Resources staff - modules 1,6,10,11
  • International Studies office staff - modules 1,6,9,10,11
  • Environmental Health and Safety staff - modules 1,5,6,7,8,11
  • Finance staff - modules 1,6

For instructions and access to the CITI modules, visit

Please contact the Office of Export Controls at; or by contacting a member of the Export Controls team (Contacts) directly to request a customized presentation on export control compliance issues for your department, group or class.

Click HERE for an introduction to export controls.  This is a 27 minute overview of the basic regulations and uses case studies to illustrate how export controls can impact University activities.  While this training program provides a good foundation to understanding export controls, it does not fulfill the training requirement for personnel on a Technology Control Plan (TCP) which address project specific issues, protocols, and requirements. Please contact the Office of Export Controls at or by phone (see Contacts page) with specific questions or to arrange a customized training event for people in your area.